Artist Profile
Joel Harper is an accomplished writer, musician and music teacher...

Joel supports his love of self expression and discovery by working at the Harper Family owned and operated Folk Music Center and managing his publishing house, Freedom Three Publishing.


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FunnelBrain is the leading online destination for social learning...

FunnelBrain gives you and your friends a new way to learn. You can form study teams, play games, take quizzes, and show off your intellectual prowess. It's fun, it's free and you'll do better in class. Check it out...


Video Project
All the Way to the Ocean is becoming an animated property...

Follow our progress as Joel Harper's beloved award winning book becomes an animated property to further educate and engage our children about the oceans. You can learn more by Click here to learn more and see a clip from our KTLA | Heal the Bay special. You can also click on the "more" button below to visit and "like" us on Facebook to receive updates on our progress.


All the Way to the Ocean
" All the way to the Ocean… all the way to the sea… all the way to the day when the whole world can say that our Ocean’s as clean as a living thing must be… and we must go… all the way.


All the Way to the Ocean has been a true labor of love, spanning back more than a decade. Since its publication in 2006, the book has been translated into three languages (English, Spanish and Mandarin) and sold in zoos, aquariums, surfshops, nationalparks, children's museums, watershed protection agencies, Patagonia Retail and REI internationally.

And now, I am excited that my story and passion are taking a giant leap forward. A short-film adaptation of the book is being made to extend the story and provide additional opportunities to educate children and adults alike through a broader reaching media platform. A collection of games, content and educational tools distributed on the web site and on mobile and tablets is also being created to extend the learning opportunities for children through out the world and across all sections of society. A select group of talent, organizations and companies who share the same vision and opportunity are helping to propel the story to new heights.

With our partners like Mediatavern and with all of the amazing talent and supporters who are making this come to life, I am convinced that great things will happen and this critical, timely message will reach a global audience of children and families and further inspire and educate children to want to clean up their communities and make the oceans safe for future generations. Thank you for your interest and your support in making our oceans, and our world, a better place to live.

--Joel Harper

About the Story

James throws a wrapper and plastic bottle in the gutter and doesn't believe that it will go all the way to the ocean. His friend Isaac warns James about the consequences of his littering. There begins the adventures of James and Isaac as they learn about the harmful effects of storm drain pollution, and in turn, spread the word to their friends and the rest of their school. Helping the kids along this journey are a concerned Crane from the coast line, a surprisingly insightful Surfer Dude and James' Mom.

Who is Helping to Make a Difference?

Some of Hollywood’s leading actors, actresses, musicians and personalities all of whom are also deeply involved in charity, community and our message, are involved and have shared their voices, music and celebrity to bring our characters and cause to life in the film.


Partner Spotlight: Mediatavern
A Creative Company

We come from a world that marries the digital age of consumers, Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and Hollywood storytelling. We live in a world that is evolving from concentrated authorities that dictate culture to a technology-driven world of distributed influencers who develop culture. We embrace five essential values of: invention, collaboration, curiosity, authenticity and celebration. We surround ourselves with a community of people – employees, clients, and partners – who share our values and our ambition. We are here to use our passion and skill to contribute to and change culture – not just react to it. We are Mediatavern.

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News and Events
Read below to see what's new with All the Way to the Ocean..."

AWO News: Featured in KTLA Special | Video
AWO helps Heal the Bay!
All the Way to the Ocean was recently featured in KTLA's "Heal the Bay: Protect What you Love" special...

AWO News: FunnelBrain Partnership | Social Learning
AWO and FunnelBrain Educate!
All the Way to the Ocean got a huge lift this past "World Oceans Day" when social learning powerhouse partnered with our team to provide an amazing learning opportunity to ocean lovers around the world...

See what people are saying...

" All the Way to the Ocean is an opportunity to learn about how our actions link directly back to nature. Collectively and individually, we have a great responsibility to protect the ocean and the wonderful creatures that live there. If we all do just a little, together we can give a lot."
-Big Wave Surfer, Laird Hamilton

" All the Way to the Ocean is an educational and inspiring story that illustrates that everyone, no matter how small, can make a difference in helping the ocean and the animals that live there. The Aquarium of the Pacific believes in empowering people of all ages because together we can ensure a better future for our ocean planet."
-Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

" In All the Way to the Ocean, Joel skillfully tackles non-point source pollution in an entertaining way that many children will find engaging. The book also contains references, links and other information to encourage greater reader awareness and action. This book has a timely message that can positively impact our environmental sensitivity and, more specifically, reduce our non-point source pollution. I urge you to consider this book for your sales venues, park libraries and as a gift for a child you know."
-John D. Mott, Cooperating Associations Program Manager Interpretation and Education Division, Department of Parks and Recreation